Parody Gnomes, Inc.

Paul, Adam and Sean

About Us

You might ask, how did we start Well if you did, here is the story.

Sean and Paul are high school buddies who met playing Magic the Gathering in chemistry class. Ever since they have been best friends. Sean soon learned that Paul had a bit of an obsession with Gnomes. He's got a good size collection.

One night they starting calling out funny Gnome names and that's where the idea hit them. Custom parody gnomes the likes of which have never been seen.

When it came to actually having to draw a Gnome, if it were left to Paul and Sean, you would be seeing a stick figure with a red cone hat. That's where Adam and Megan come in. Adam is co-owner and does most of the artwork for our current and future gnomes. Megan was enlisted recently to assist with gnome artwork, website design and to provide a much needed female opinion to the mix!

Thank you for checking out our Gnomes and keep coming back for all your Parody Gnome needs!